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Ken Jones,

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 Simple, upfront pricing with no extra charges for weekends or short notice. Cash, check or credit cards accepted.

Condos up to 2000 sf:                          $250.00
Townhomes up to 2000 sf:                  $275.00
Single family homes up to 2000 sf:    $300.00

  For every 500 sf over 2000 sf add:     $50.00
  Crawlspace add:                                   $50.00
  Homes over 50 years old add $2.00 per year

Wind Mitigation Inspection up to 3000 sf:   $75.00    $50.00 with full inspection
Four Point Inspection up to 3000 sf:           $75.00    $50.00 with full inspection
Stand alone Insurance Inspections add $40.00 outside of Pinellas County

Limited scope inspections, consultations:   Call

Over 5000sf:                                                    Call